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Renshinkan Karatedo Takehara Branch since 2019.11.1


Introduction of practice places                              

Nakadori Regional Exchange Center

3478 Shimonocho, Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture


Rehearsal day: Every Monday from 18:00 to 19:30 

Yoshina Regional Exchange Center
4956-22 Yoshinacho, Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Rehearsal day:
Every Wednesday from 18:00 to 19:30

Takehara West Regional Exchange Center

2377-1 Takehara-cho, Takehara-shi, Hiroshima


Rehearsal day: Every Friday from 18:00 to 19:30

Target audience: From childhood to seniors (male / female)

* You are free to visit. You can get started with the experience.
Leader: Japan Karate Federation

Doto Shorinji style Renshinkan Hiroshima district headquarters

Renshi 5th Dan Master

Takehara Branch Manager Motoharu Kodera

Renshi 4th Dan Shihan

Yukio Tsuji, Chief of Chukai Branch

00:00 / 02:12
00:00 / 04:07
00:00 / 04:07
00:00 / 05:01





Rehearsal scenery


The measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus are as follows.

1. 1. Wear a mask during training and wear a mask when entering or leaving the training area.

However, we will thoroughly implement measures to prevent health damage such as heat stroke.

2. 2. If you have symptoms such as fever , take a break from training.

3. 3. Thorough cough etiquette .

4. Thoroughly disinfect hands .

Use hand sanitizers in a timely manner when entering and exiting the dojo and during training.

5. Thoroughly avoid "three dense" .

(1) Avoid "sealing" .

Thorough ventilation . (Use a ventilation fan. Open the doors and windows to ventilate.)

(2) Avoid "crowding" .

Thorough guidance for small groups .

(3) Avoid "close contact" .

We will teach you while maintaining a physical distance .

* Parents and visitors are required to wear masks.

* Students and parents should wash their hands, wash their face, and gargle immediately after returning home .

* Thoroughly implement the above measures. We will continue to practice safe and secure karate .

First practice (beginning of practice at each dojo)

January 8th (Friday) -January 18th (Monday)

* The first lessons of this year will be held at each dojo.

 * There is no free tour and no introduction to experience on this day.

2021 Renshinkan Karatedo Takehara Branch Demonstration Tournament (tentative name)

 Date: Scheduled to be held next fall

Takehara City Bamboo General Park Gymnasium (1414 Takasakicho, Takehara City)



ホーム: お問い合わせ

Contact Us

  • 錬心舘空手道はどの様な空手道ですか?
    少林寺流空手道錬心舘は60年近くの長きにわたる歴史と伝統を誇る日本有数の一大拳団です。 詳しくは、(社)全日本少林寺流空手道連盟HPをご参照ください。
  • 錬心舘広島地区本部の事を教えてください
    錬心舘広島地区本部は、創立50周年を迎えました。 詳しくは、錬心舘広島地区本部HPをご参照ください。
  • 錬心舘竹原支部の事を教えてください
    (社)全日本少林寺流空手道連盟 錬心舘広島地区本部に所属しています。 2019年に開設しました。竹原市内では3カ所の空手教室で稽古をしています。また、東広島市では安芸津町の空手教室で稽古をしています。
  • 稽古の見学や体験はできますか?
    稽古の見学や体験は、事前の連絡は無くても、随時受け付けています、もちろん無料です。各教室の稽古日や稽古時刻をご確認してご自由にご参加ください。 錬心舘竹原支部HPカレンダーをご参照ください。
  • 何歳から空手道の稽古ができますか?
  • 何歳まで空手道の稽古ができますか?
  • 各教室の稽古費用(会費)はどうなりますか?
    錬心舘竹原支部の4カ所の空手教室では同じ会費で稽古ができます。したがって、同じ会費で 4回/週の稽古が可能です。 詳しくは、対面にてご説明します。
  • 会費(稽古費用)について、もう少し教えてください
    兄弟姉妹の会費割引や母親割引、父親割引の制度があります。 詳しくは、対面にてご説明します。
  • スポーツ団体ガバナンスコードを教えてください

Japan Karate Federation

Renshinkan Hiroshima District Headquarters

Renshi 5th Dan Master

Takehara Branch Manager Motoharu Kodera

Motoharu Kodera.jpg

We are looking for new members. Beginners are welcome. Even if you are not good at exercising, don't worry, we will teach you carefully. It is a safe and secure karate that you can do your best from childhood to seniors (men and women) .

We are waiting for your inquiry. We also respond to inquiries from the Chukai branch.




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