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Aiming to foster healthy youth through karate, I have been involved in the formation of a human personality that contributes to society by striving to improve personality, strengthen mental strength, and cultivate morality.

Shaolin-style Karatedo Renshinkan is one of Japan's leading fists, boasting a long history and tradition of nearly 60 years.

[Renshinkan Karatedo Guidance Philosophy]

Renshinkan Karatedo has been established as a true popular martial art that has both sportiness and martial arts by practicing a safe and practical match system for wearing armor from the viewpoint of respecting human life and striving to clarify the judgment. In addition, from an early stage, we put our heart and soul into "cultivating people through karate" and positioned renshinkan karate as a martial art of human formation. In addition to learning how to do karate, he strives to improve his personality, strengthen his mental strength, and cultivate his moral spirit. He focuses on fostering young people who are physically and mentally sound, and is working to create true karate.


Renshinkan Karatedo is a way of human formation

Moral pursuit

Aiming for a better tomorrow

Through karate, you will respect politeness, be in harmony with people, and learn the sublimeness of living preciously as a person in a friendly competition. "Living right" for people is the basis for creating a healthy society, which is the eternal task and wish of humankind. Good guidance to a peaceful society begins with gratitude and gratitude, excluding one's pride and selfishness.

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