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Renshinkan Hiroshima District Headquarters General Manager


Chairman of the Japan Karate Federation

Renshinkan Chu-Shikoku Karatedo Federation Chairman

Masaki Hero Hanshi 9th Dan

"One of the words that the late founder Soke Isamu Tamotsu often spoke to us," Thinking one year ahead, grow flowers, think ten years ahead, grow trees, think 100 years ahead, grow people. " As a person, I always work with this word in mind. "

Hideo Masaki, the head of the All Japan Karatedo Federation Karatedo Federation Renshinkan Hiroshima District Headquarters, who teaches his students, speaks passionately. Karatedo Hanshi 9th Dan, Kobudo 5th Dan, Jodo 5th Dan, Iaido, Swordsman, 26th Dan Martial Arts. He is the person who introduced the Shaolin Temple style Renshinkan Karatedo in Higashi-Hiroshima City.

Forty-six years ago, in 1973, the pioneer of Renshinkan was to bring Shaolin-style karate to the karate club of Sharp Corporation, where he was working at that time. He opened the Hachihonmatsu Dojo in 1950, and in 1983 he played a central role in contributing to the establishment of the Higashi-Hiroshima Karatedo Federation.

With these footprints left, the Renshinkan Hiroshima District Headquarters is now growing as the largest fist group in the prefecture with 20 branches and more than 600 students. "I'm glad that my students have grown up as human beings, and I've come this far. Of course, the reason why I have the current Hiroshima Renshinkan is because of the cooperation of the executives and others," he forgets his gratitude. Absent.

Mr. Masaki himself literally teaches his students, mainly in Higashi-Hiroshima, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. "I want to acquire not only karate skills and a strong body, but also the mental strength and etiquette that children will be able to use in society in the future. That is the essence of martial arts," he emphasized.

"Raising people is not as easy as flowers and trees. That's why I need to train myself more." I learned the samurai tea Ueda Soko style to learn the world of "quietness", and I am also quite good at calligraphy. Then, in the study, a strip of paper that says, "There are many days to spend mischievously, but when I go down the road, I don't feel like it" is eye-catching. "This is Dogen's wise saying, and it's my favorite word. I want to cherish this feeling and work hard day and night in my training.

I decided to live my life as a martial artist, and I would like to continue to nurture many young people through Renshinkan Karate. "

Excerpt from the newspaper introduction article "Hideo Masaki"

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